• Experience working with typically developing kids as well as kids with Autism, Asperger's, learning disabilities, Dyslexia,  ADD/ADHD, and other developmental disabilities. 
  • Attended training and adapted programming from Lindamood-Bell® Learning Processes and Making Math Real Institute & Clinic.  **
  • Experience integrating many disciplines of therapy including elements of sensory integration methods, the Greenspan DIR®Floortime™ Model, the Son-Rise Program®, PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), Brain Gym, relationship-based therapies and more. *

One thing I love about my job is discovering in each kid what gets them excited, what motivates them, and what their strengths are. If you can combine these elements with educational activities, you'll have a recipe for success. 

I have over 15 years experience working with kids with a wide range of learning abilities. I started working as a therapist for kids with autism when a mother of a 4th grader that I worked with was told,

"We've tried everything. Face it: Your child can't learn to read." 

That mom didn't take CAN'T for an answer. And neither did I. 

After training in a reading curriculum, we figured out how we could best adapt the programming to meet this child's individual needs and make it work for her. And she did learn to read. 

From then on, I continued to add educational strategies and tools to my tool belt, and I continued to find ways to adapt them to support a variety of kids I knew that struggled with reading and math, each kid being so very different from the next. Regardless of whether or not a child has a learning or developmental disability, they CAN learn. It's my job to figure out what they need so they can do so. 

* I do not diagnose or prescribe therapeutic strategies, but I have experience integrating strategies into lessons that have been introduced by an OT or other professional, or at the families request.

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