Reading & Vision Therapy

At Creative Learning Solutions, we work on building the skills needed for getting words off the page and/or visualizing and understanding what you've read. But sometimes, something else is needed too - and parents don't always know to look for it.

Look for kids that might fatigue with reading longer texts, might cover up or close one eye while reading, or work really hard to avoid reading tasks. They may have 20/20 vision, but their eyes may not be moving and working together properly. If you think this may be what is going on, getting a vision therapy assessment can be a gamechanger.

I've read with some kids before and after their vision therapy, and it made a huge difference for them. It's different than seeing an optometrist. A vision therapist will check in to see how your child's eyes and brain are working together and if their eye movements (like tracking left to right or up and down on a page) are flowing with ease or not. 

If you want to learn more, do a search for "vision therapy" or find a vision therapy center in your area.