Do you want to end the homework meltdowns that leave both you and your child frustrated?

Has your child been unable learn to read with traditional methods and they need a different approach?

Is your child falling through the cracks at school because they have gaps in their core skills of reading or math? 

I'm happy to meet your kid at whatever skill level they may be at.

Help your child feel confident and get the tools and strategies they need to make reading, spelling, comprehension or math easier.

One-on-one, individualized lessons build on your child's strengths and challenge them through creative games and activities that keep lessons light and fun. Building a relationship with each child and creating an optimal learning environment are a priority with each lesson. I work with kids with learning and developmental disabilities, as well as typically developing kids that struggle to pick up reading and math with traditional methods. Sensory integration techniques and additional therapeutic approaches can be built into lessons in order to create the optimal learning environment that meets each child's needs. 


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For kids struggling with:

  • reading and decoding the words on the page

  • sounding out unknown words

  • knowing what sounds the vowels and consonants make

  • inconsistent in their ability to read words (from simple words to multi-syllable words)



For kids struggling with:

  • spelling words phonetically

  • spelling sight words that break the phonetic rules

  • knowing spelling rules, patterns and expectancies

  • knowing the sounds made by different vowels and vowel combinations


For kids struggling with:

  • understanding and summarizing what they've read

  • answering questions about a passage they've read, including critical thinking questions like "why" and "how"

  • following multi-step directions

  • writing a summary about a book



For kids struggling with:

  • mastering the basic math facts of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • linking abstract math concepts to their concrete meaning

  • applying elementary math concepts to different types of math problems

Lesson Information & Cost: Lessons are typically 50 minutes in length and take place at the Creative Learning Solutions office on the west side of Madison. The frequency of lessons is determined by what will work best for each family, and most families choose to have lessons one or two times per week. The cost of lessons is $70/lesson. If your adult child uses funding through IRIS, you can ask your case manager if lessons can be covered by funding. If you want to discuss if learning services at Creative Learning Solutions might be a good fit for your child, contact me