"It broke my heart when I realized that the reason my 8 year old son could not read a word was because he was dyslexic and I was desperate to find a way to help him. Mikki started to work with him as he entered 3rd Grade and she was able to immediately tap into the specific things that interested him, in a way that made it so fun for him to see her each week that he would cry if he had to miss a session. He also said to me "I learn more with her than I do with all the people who work with me in my school but I am having so much fun I don't even know that I'm learning.....it feels like I am just playing!" Mikki tailors the pace and the content of all that she does with my son in a way that keeps him evolving his reading skills in a brilliantly intuitive way. My son is actually learning to read now and it is making him so happy that he gets it, at last. Honestly, I owe every bit of this to the perfect mix of Mikki's teaching methodology and her fun personality. Thank you, Mikki!" 

-Robin (parent)

"Mikki is one of the most gifted reading interventionists I have met. She understands that they key to success for children and youth who struggle with reading is motivation, accurate assessment and individualized intervention. She is a natural connector with children and youth of all abilities and temperaments. I would recommend Mikki to any family looking for effective strategies to improve their child's reading ability at all levels: phonemicawareness, decoding, comprehension and fluency."

-Beth Swedeen (Wisconsin Board for People with Developmental Disabilities)

"Mikki - I hope you know that what you have done for my son, for both of us really, feels like some kind of miracle.  It has changed our lives.  Today in math, my son was enthusiastically stretching his hand as high as he could in the air and couldn't wait to go up to the front to share his work with others. Instead of staying in from recess to finish work, he got all stars on his story problems.  Yesterday he got a new book from his book order and announced he was going to read it to me.  And he did! You have given us a structure that makes it so he can learn and I can help.  He is so proud of what he has accomplished and it means the world to us." 

-Sandra (parent)

"Mikki is a phenomenal educator who bases her instruction on a mutual partnership with a student. She has an amazing way of unlocking the door of success for children and youth needing specific, innovative approaches to reading, writing, math and understanding the world. Her talent for connecting to kids and making learning fun is unmatched. I recommend her highly to any parent, student, teacher or adult." 

-Colleen Kurkowski Moss (Waisman Center)

"My daughter has seen Mikki for years and loves to be with her for reading. My daughter is 13yrs old and would not be reading and spelling if it wasn't for Mikki. She is patient and goes at a speed that is good for her. During and after her sessions with Mikki, she is so proud of her self. Thank you Mikki for what you do with her." 

-Cindy (parent)

"After his very first lesson with Mikki, when I asked my son how it went, his direct quote was, "It was AWESOME, Mom!  When do I get to go back to play with Mikki again?"  He has maintained this enthusiasm for working with Mikki despite the fact that our lessons are on Monday nights at 7:00 pm when he'd otherwise be crawling into bed.  After his most recent session he shared with me that, "while I'm with Mikki, it feels more like we're playing than working -- but then later when I'm reading, I feel better about it and I know I'm learning a lot."  Mikki's ability to connect with the children she works with is truly unique and wonderful.  Knowing that your child is in such good care and that he enjoys the time he spends with her is a gift.  I can see how his confidence in reading has grown, even in the brief time that we've worked with Mikki.  She is very special." 

-Andrea (parent)

"My son has learned to cooperate when asked to read instead of crying like he used to.   He is working hard on sounding out words because of Mikki's guidance.   Mikki has a mild manner that reduces his frustrations and calms him down to get to work.   Mikki is skilled at sensory input to help my son focus."   

-Jo (parent)

"My son struggles with math concepts and the traditional and the traditional teaching methods used by his school just weren't working for him. Mikki has helped him understand math basics and his teacher is amazed at how far he has come." 

-Kara (parent)